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Tanzania is an emerging economy with a very high growth potential. Whilst the economy is relatively diversified, a number of opportunities remain untapped in many sectors. These investment opportunities have been divided into two categories: the Lead Sectors and the Priority sectors. The Lead Sectors include: Agriculture and Agro-based Industries; Mining; Petroleum and Gas; Tourism, and Infrastructure.

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The Priority Sectors include: Energy, Manufacturing, Chemical Industries, Natural Resources (Fishing & Forestry), Construction and Real Estate Development, Management Consultancy, Human Resource Development (Hospitals, Health Centers, and Educational Facilities), Radio and Television Broadcasting and Export Oriented Projects.

These categories and their respective investment opportunities have been detailed by the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC), which is the primary agency of government assigned to coordinate, encourage, promote and facilitate investment in Tanzania –


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Tanzania's untapped tourism potentials

Tanzania offers a Wide range of investment opportunities in natural and cultural tourist attractions. The country is internationally renowned for its abundance of wildlife resources, cultural heritage resources, forest resources, unexploited beaches and marine resources. Tanzania is an exceptionally beautiful and interesting destination, with its 16 National Parks, 31 Game Reserves, 44 Game Controlled Areas, 4 Ramsar Sites, 33 Wildlife Management Areas, 6 nature reserves 2 marine parks and lo famous historical and cultural sites.

Tanzanians Wildlife resources are among the supreme in the world and have been widely known for many years. They include the great Serengeti Plains, the spectacular Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara and Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, in the north, Mikumi, Udzungwa and Ruaha National parks and Selous game Reserve in the south. Additionally there are natural and cultural attractions that include the sandy beaches, excellent deep-sea fishing, nature reserves, stone town of Zanzibar, Kilwa ruins, Laetoli footprints, Olduvai Gorge and many others.

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Opportunities for investment are immense including hotels construction, leisure paths, ground golf courses, conference tourism, air/ground transport, Wildlife farming, tour operations, trophy hunting, sea and lake cruising, deep sea fishing, development of eco-tourism facilities, beach tourism, cultural and historical sites, just to mention a few. ……. Read more about opportunities for investments in tourism sector



Downloadable Documents on Investments

For further documents please visit the websites of the respective government institutions or the Tanzanian Government Portal: