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15 May 2018

AS Europeans prepare for the second Europe day celebrations in Dodoma city this Thursday, the European Union (EU) has called for enhanced trade and investment relations between the European countries and Tanzania through cooperation between the business associations of the European Union and Tanzania.

The union says it is pleased with the spectacular growth of the EU Business Group in Tanzania over the past years. “We must continue the dialogue on trade and investment with full respect for each other’s responsibilities and to discuss best practices, lessons learned and above all, the way forward,’’ said the Head of the EU delegation to Tanzania and the East African Community (EAC), ambassador Roeland Van De Geer.
Speaking at the first celebrations to mark the Europe Day 2018, held in Dar es Salaam last week, the envoy said cooperation on trade and investment was crucial for a better future for all Tanzanians and that based on the European experience, he strongly believe in the promotion of intra-African trade, expressing commitment to assist Tanzania in adding value to its exports to the rest of the world.

“The EU has a lot to offer, as the world’s largest single consumer market but also through its innovative technologies, its investors and its expertise,’’ he said.Over 1000 European companies are active in Tanzania in a wide range of activities, from agricu

lture to transport, construction and services and the Tanzanian Investment Centre attributes the creation of almost 100,000 jobs to European companies in Tanzania.

Mr Van De Geer said EU was ready to work closely with Tanzania, as a partner, and friend.
However, it affirmed that it does not expect to say nice things only and to make false compliments, but the country should expect what the union thinks and that it was ready to enter into dialogue and even to attach strings if Europeans thought was truly needed. The ambassador said the EU partnership with Tanzania covers a wide range from political, economic and developmental fields.

However, he said, this partnership, as every relation, requires continued hard work, trust, dialogue and deep mutual commitment. “The European Union attaches high importance to Tanzania maintaining an active international role; in the eastern and southern African region, in the EAC, in the SADC, in the Great Lakes Region, on the African continent and within the European Union’s sister organisation the African Union, but also in the global context, including in the UN,’’ he said.

The EU further saluted the Second Five Year Development Plan saying it shows the strong determination of Tanzania to accelerate development and industrialisation and promote employment for all Tanzanians.
The envoy said, the European Union and its Member States as well as the European Investment Bank would continue to further assist Tanzania, to the best of their abilities, in addressing its key problems including the fight against corruption and poverty, promoting a diversified economy and building strong and robust institutions that prepare Tanzania for the remainder of the 21st century.

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